Joe Scarborough Cannot Contain Laughter at Trump’s Claim ‘Putin Outsmarted Obama’: ‘Insanity!’


President Donald Trump’s G7 press conference Monday morning provided great fodder for the set of Morning Joe, a place that loyal viewers tune in to watch the pointed ridicule, mockery and simple fact-checking that hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinksi lead daily.

After playing a clip of Trump’s odd claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin “outsmarted” Former U.S. President Barack Obama, Scarborough could not contain his laughter, adding “Just — it’s insanity. It is.”

Turning more serious, Scarborough pushed back on Trump’s claim on the world stage. “First of all, Vladimir Putin did not take Crimea from an American president. Vladimir Putin took Crimea from Ukraine. Just like he took Georgia from Georgia. Those invasions were invasions of Vladimir Putin,” Scarborough said before labeling Putin as “A man who is still trying to disrupt and interfere with American democracy according to Donald Trump’s appointees to the FBI, CIA, everybody.”

He then laced into Trump for the “extraordinarily unbecoming of a president to talk another president overseas in defense of a — well, of a dictator. An ex-KGB agent who has now invaded two countries over the past decade, and who is still invading the United States in the cyberwar and who Donald Trump’s own Intel chiefs and military have warned is posing a direct threat to American democracy.”

Scarborough returned to a — thus far unanswered — rhetorical question: Where is the GOP?

The Morning Joe host noted that Putin is “the man that Donald Trump goes to the mats for every day defending and the question remains why,” adding  “I asked last week, Republicans and Donald Trump apologists, sycophants they don’t like the answers — the questions that have been asked of Donald Trump. So I need to hear their theory. What is their alternative theory?

Watch above via MSNBC.

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