Joe Scarborough Chastises Mika Brzezinski For Asking T. Boone Pickens How Much He Earns

On Wednesday’s edition of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough chewed out Mika Brzezinski for asking oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens how much he made. The panelists were discussing Warren Buffett‘s criticism of how much the rich pay in taxes. “I paid $665 million in taxes, is that fair?” Pickens asked. “Why don’t you give me the full numbers?” Brzezinski asked forwardly.

“Full numbers? How much did I make?” Pickens said incredulously.

“You don’t have to answer that question,” interjected Scarborough. “Come on! No, it’s none of your business! You going to tell everybody how much you make?”

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“I’m not making an argument about how much I paid in taxes!” Brzezinski exclaimed.

“You feel like i’m not paying my fair share after $665 million and I’m over 70 years old?” Pickens pressed Brzezinski.

“Sir,” Brzezinski continued. “With all due respect, it depends on what you make!”

“I, for one, am glad you’re paying $665 million in the United States treasury,” Scarborough added.

Watch Brzezinski awkwardly ask how much Pickens makes below via MSNBC:

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