Joe Scarborough Convinced Indictments Are ‘Coming Down’ in Trump Classified Docs Case: ‘The Walls — Everybody Say it With Me — Closing In’


Joe Scarborough confidently assessed Donald Trump is getting closer to an indictment over his provable lies throughout the investigation into his mishandling of classified documents.

Morning Joe kicked off the week by looking at NBC News’ reporting that prosecutors working with special counsel Jack Smith are expected to meet with a federal grand jury again after a period of slowed activity. The news follows reporting that prosecutors have obtained audio of Trump admitting to the possession of classified documents he couldn’t show to anyone.

While the new reporting isn’t clear on whether prosecutors are about to indict Trump, Scarborough argued it will be an “easy case” to prove Trump lied and obstructed justice. Trump and his lawyers might be demeaning the investigation as a “witch hunt,” but Scarborough mockingly relished the chance to say the walls are closing in on the former president.

Let me say the words. Are you ready? The walls — everybody say it with me — [are] closing in on this one. So, yes, people can mock me for saying that, just like they mocked people on this show for saying it before the Manhattan DA came down with charges, but based on everything I’m hearing, based on what you’re hearing…they are extraordinarily concerned about indictments coming down in this case because they know he lied and he got caught lying to the feds.

Jonathan Lemire agreed, claiming sources close to Trump privately think an indictment is coming, possibly in a matter of weeks.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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