Scarborough: Coverage Of Weiner’s Problems Is A ‘Carnival’ We Won’t Be Part Of

This morning Joe Scarborough responded to viewer complaints that yesterday Morning Joe barely covered or discussed the scandal with Congressman Anthony Weiner. Scarborough said “we saw the press conference the day before and it was just a carnival,” and he explained that with so much important news related to Afghanistan and the economy, they decided Weiner’s personal problems did not warrant obsessive coverage.

Scarborough defends the decision as having nothing to do with bias in favor of one party, but instead merely a determination that until there are actual political developments, there is really nothing substantive to talk about regarding the personal embarrassment of one politician:

“[Weiner’s admission of online sexual communications] was the personal, sleazy part of the story that we’ve known about for some time. We don’t obsess about [John] Ensign here, we don’t obsess about Mark Sanford. We didn’t obsess about Eliot Spitzer. Everybody was going wild, we stayed away from it. If it’s personal, it’s personal . . . yesterday’s story was more about a husband who betrayed his wife’s confidence. Today we’re starting to hear the political ramifications . . . and we’ll get into that.”

With Democratic leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi starting to let it be known how unsupportive of Weiner they might actually be, now Scarborough admits the matter is no longer private. Yet even so, Scarborough promises “you still won’t see the carnival clips here.”

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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