Scarborough Dismantles Mitch McConnell’s Claims About Trumpism With Lengthy Matlock Impression


A lengthy Matlock(ish) impersonation by Joe Scarborough is as good a way to start the day as any, and that’s exactly what happened on Morning Joe Wednesday.

Joe was interviewing Commentary’s Noah Rothman and pulled out a list of question he’d apparently been scribbling on. “I see this coming. Here it comes,” said John Heilemann.

And then it happened. For almost two minutes.

Matlock, the TV lawyer played by Andy Griffith for many years and famous favorite program of the AARP crowd, is a recurring them on the show, and Joe has referenced it as a favorite. He also uses Matlock as a legal benchmark against which to judge (heh) incompetent lawyers.

By the way? The commentary regarding Trump versus other 2016 GOP hopefuls was pretty good even without the accent. Mitch McConnell argued that President Trump has governed in a way that is effectively no different from how Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, or even Mitt Romney would have had they been elected. Rothman and Scarborough lay that to rest pretty quickly with just the most obvious examples, including particularly the North Korea summit.

There’s no question Trump does things differently, and the truth is his supporters (and he) say the same. It’s his entire pitch. Mitch wants to blur the Trump aspect of Trump to convince GOP voters and donors who don’t like the President that they’re really just supporting the same old thing. Rothman and Scarborough’s Matlock deconstruct it pretty quickly.

As the bit wrapped up, Mika Brzezinski said “Was that Matlock? I don’t know what that was, but it was good.”

Twitter seemed to agree.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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