Joe Scarborough Doesn’t Have High Hopes For Romney’s RNC Speech: Real Conversatives Know He ‘Doesn’t Get It’

Can Mitt Romney garner one final push of support with his upcoming appearance at the Republican National Convention? That’s precisely what the Morning Joe panel found themselves discussing early Monday morning, eventually coming to the conclusion of (and we’re paraphrasing here) “Meh.”

Real conservatives, argued host Joe Scarborough, “know Romney doesn’t get it.”

“His convention speech is huge,” added Mark Halperin, “because he must argue conservative principles to the center of the country. That is what affective Republican presidents like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, as a convention speaker, both did.”

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If he found himself in Romney’s shoes at the convention, said Scarborough, he could go on for two hours about, say, the President’s unfulfilled promises concerning unemployment, or his massive spending bill, or the recession. Reagan would hit it out of the park, he added, but Romney? He just doesn’t seem “capable.”

Guest panelist Al Sharpton added that Romney that a connection with voters isn’t made with one speech, so Romney has his work cut out for him given he is not only not the most gifted of orators to begin with, but also has had trouble really forging a strong connection through his previous speeches.

Have a look, courtesy of MSNBC:

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