Scarborough Explains Why More Bad News is Making Trump’s Approval Ratings Rise

Morning Joe addressed the news of a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that shows President Donald Trump with 46% approval ratings, which is the highest approval rating for any poll, not including Rassmussen polling results which are historically higher for Republicans than other polling outlets.

While Trump scored best among Republicans with 88% approval. 60% of both rural residents and whites without college degrees as well as 54% of men and whites, though the results of voters saying they are likely to vote for Trump in 2020 still hovered at 41%.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski compared these numbers to the previous president, noting that “these numbers are worse than what Barack Obama faced at this point in the 2012 cycle when he led his hypothetical opponent by five points,” but noted it’s 8 points better than the 38% approval rating Bill Clinton saw at the same time in his first term.

When asked to opine, fellow co-host Joe Scarborough was also reminded of Bill Clinton saying “it seemed the more bad news befell Bill Clinton, the higher his ratings.” He then compared impeachment proceedings over his lying under oath and suggested that President Trump is benefiting from a similar inverse benefit from alleged bad news.

Watch above via MSNBC.


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