Joe Scarborough: Glenn Beck Will Learn How Irrelevant He Is Without Fox News

Morning shows of the world, unite against Glenn Beck! Following Good Morning America‘s segment on Beck’s “doom and gloom” yesterday, the folks over at Morning Joe took their turn against the chalkboard piñata. Joe Scarborough, after thoroughly enjoying Jon Stewart’s Beck impression (late night shows can have their fun too), spent the segment theorizing about the fate of Beck post-Fox, and he didn’t see it as working out well for the soon-to-be-ex TV host. I’m curious to see if Beck has another epic rebuttal in him.

First, Scarborough spent time asking about the ratings Beck received in his pre-Fox days over at (the unnamed) CNN. It wasn’t hard to see what he was getting at so he was soon asked if he was implying something with his line of inquiry.

“I’m not implying that. I’m just saying it outright that Roger Ailes was right, that all of those people who showed up to Glenn Beck’s rally were Fox people, were Roger Ailes people, and not Glenn Beck people. And Glenn Beck will find that out in the coming years. Roger Ailes has built a remarkable platform for conservative speakers and Glenn Beck got plugged in at five o’clock and did better than anybody else at five o’clock. But he also did better than he ever will for the rest of his career.”

It’s an interesting theory. I’m not sure whether I believe it or not. I’ll tell you what I don’t believe. I don’t believe that a guy who’s hosted a TV show every day for years doesn’t know how to pronounce the “Nielsen” part of “Nielsen Ratings.” Come on, Joe.

Check out the clip from MSNBC below:


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