Scarborough Goes OFF on Moscow Mitch: His Legacy is Doing Nothing Against Foreign and Domestic Enemies


He does nothing. Against our foreign enemies, he does nothing against our domestic enemies

Co-host Joe Scarborough blamed the lack of inaction not just on the very powerful gun lobby, but Senator Mitch McConnell, who he refers to as “Moscow Mitch” much to the Kentucky-based Senate Majority Leader’s dismay.

Morning Joe reported Wednesday morning on news that Mega-retailer Walmart took a major step when it announced to employees that the chain will no longer sell ammunition for handguns and rifles like the AR-15 once their current stocks have sold out, and will ask customers in open-carry states not to bring firearms into their stores. From this, they also reported on a full-page Washington Post editorial calling on McConnell to “do something.”

This brought to focus the recent disparity between the public opinion for reasonable gun reform (like increased background checks) and a federal legislative body that seems unwilling to take any action in response to the recent spate of mass shootings.

Scarborough derided McConnell’s legacy — first for what seems like inaction on Russian interference in the US election process — before turning to McConnell’s inaction in trying to protect Americans from domestic terror, vis-a-vis mass shootings.

“You look at this guy’s legacy, and it’s going to be two things, I think right now, he’s going to have a legacy of basically doing the work of Vladimir Putin, an ex-KGB agent” Scarborough noted.

He later added “But Mitch McConnell just like Moscow Mitch won’t do anything in protecting us from foreign enemies, he has been the one person that has killed every one of these bills to protect us from our domestic enemies, that are gunning down our children every day. What’s his end game? What’s his legacy? Where does it end? ”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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