Joe Scarborough: GOP Extremism on Abortion ‘Scaring the Hell Out of a Lot of Americans’


Joe Scarborough put Alabama’s passing of a controversial abortion law in political perspective, noting that Republican “extremism” on the bitterly divided issue has them “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.”

The segment opened with a brief report that House minority leader Kevin McCarthy admitted that in his esteem, Alabama’s new abortion law goes too far, but declined to say whether it should be overturned. That framed the following discussion on how Republicans are navigating the growing backlash surrounding the new Alabama law.

Scarborough called this an “overreach” and noted how “a lot of Democrats were concerned when New York state passed abortion bills that 15% of Americans support.”

“Now Republicans have snatched defeat out of the Jaws of political victory and have gone the other way and their extremism is scaring the Hell out of a lot of Americans who might even be pro-life and, you know, those educated, suburban, Republican women that started to move away from the Republican Party, they’re in a full-out Sprint now,” Scarborough wrapped.

Watch above via MSNBC.


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