Joe Scarborough: Herman Cain’s ‘Getting A Free Walk’ From National Media And GOP

An incredulous Joe Scarborough railed on Herman Cain this morning for the GOP frontrunner’s apparent ignorance of China’s national capability. Scarborough declared that Cain’s alarming foreign policy gaffe was evidence that he was “woefully ill-prepared to be commander-in-chief,” adding that had Sarah Palin, she would have been vilified.

In the last few days, Cain been getting the sort of increased attention and scrutiny that comes with being a frontrunner: mostly negative. On the heels of the sexual harassment story (and his campaign’s mishandling of the story), the latest example for Cain’s detractors to tout was his apparent misunderstanding of China’s nuclear capability.

“Is it a bad sign if somebody who is running for President of the United States doesn’t know that China’s had nuclear weapons for almost 50 years?,” Scarborough asked, to which co-host Willie Geist cleverly replied, “A red flag for some voters, yes.”

Geist also noted, as we have, that Cain’s ignorance of foreign policy seems to be a “point of pride” for Cain, while Scarborough marveled at how nothing seems to slow down Cain’s runaway train momentum.

Former RNC chair Michael Steele, though, said “Everything has a shelf life,” and advised Cain to “step off the media stage” for awhile and brush up on these policy issues while he still has a large base of support.

What Steele says certainly sounds reasonable, but after so much of Cain’s success has defied reason, it’s hard to make the case that Cain ought to listen to him.

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