Joe Scarborough: I Know, Personally, That Some In DC Knew About Petraeus Investigation ‘3, 4 Weeks Ago’

The Morning Joe panel shared strong opinions about the Petraeus scandal Tuesday morning, with host Joe Scarborough characterizing the breadth of the investigation into Petraeus’ actions as a “witch hunt” or, at the very least, a “fishing expedition.”

He also revealed that “I’m not going to say how I know this, but let me tell you something: There are some people high up in official Washington who knew about this. I know that personally. They knew about it three, four weeks ago. They knew about this. And if they knew about this three to four weeks ago, am I really to believe that the White House didn’t know about this? Nobody in the White House knew about this three to four weeks ago?”

Later, he said that the investigation is further muddled due to the reality that the CIA and FBI do not only dislike each other, but actively hate one another. In addition, he’s worried about what the investigation tells us about the state of our civil liberties.

Have a look, courtesy of MSNBC:

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