Joe Scarborough: If You Believe Ivanka’s Private Email Server Explanation ‘Then You’re a Hack!’


According to a Washington Post report published Monday evening, Ivanka Trump has sent hundreds of emails dealing with government business from her personal email account.

This did not sit well with the Morning Joe panel as viewers saw a piqued and vexed discussion that immediately compared this story to the political “Lock Her Up!” outrage that Trump and his base of voters blasted Hillary Clinton for during the 2016 General Election that helped President Donald Trump win the highest office in the United States.

Joe Scarborough lit into the President’s daughter by reviewing the merits of the story.  “Let’s look at the facts. Ivanka Trump is asking you to believe that her lawyer acted in the public’s interest when he chose which e-mails he would make part of the official government record,” he said. He then added “And it was Ivanka Trump’s lawyer and Ivanka Trump’s democratic lawyer alone who decided which ones he would hold back. Ivanka’s lawyers claim nothing was deleted. Maybe he’s telling the truth, maybe he’s not.”

“We have no idea if what Ivanka Trump’s lawyers are saying is true any more than we had any idea whether what Cheryl Mills was telling us about Hillary Clinton’s e-mails are true or not. We just don’t. And if you say we do, then you’re a hack! And you’re an ideologue.”

Scarborough then called on his fellow media cohorts to address this story with the same vigor that they approached Secretary Clinton’s use of private email servers for government business.

“As we sit here this morning, there’s no reason for any of the media to be any less aggressive in the search for truth regarding Ivanka Trump’s private e-mails than everybody was for Hillary Clinton for a year and a half. And when the new Congress gets sworn in, the house oversight committee, they need to seek nothing less than Ivanka Trump and her lawyers and the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth just like Mika, everybody did with Hillary.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.



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