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Joe Scarborough: ‘It Was A Stupid Political Move’ For Obama To Insult Paul Ryan

The Morning Joe crew reviewed President Obama’s deficit reduction speech and Joe Scarborough strongly believed Obama made a huge tactical error. Scarborough couldn’t understand why Obama invited Republican Congressman Paul Ryan to sit in the front row during his speech if Obama was just going to insult him. However, Mika Brzezinski disagreed and thought Obama’s strategy was better than how he is usually attacked by “cowardly” Republicans.

Mark Halperin agreed with Scarborough, suggesting that for Obama to suggest Ryan’s budget plan was un-American was a “weird decision” given that Obama will have to negotiate with Ryan moving forward. Scarborough also didn’t like Obama dismissing Ryan’s plan as not a serious proposal commenting, “you cannot say Paul Ryan is not a serious person unless you are a left-wing ideologue that is detached from reality.”

Brzezinski applauded Obama for criticizing Ryan’s proposal to his face rather than being like Republicans who “have said some really critical things about the President, on camera, without him actually there – and that seems actually cowardly.” Scarborough politely responded to his co-host, “you’re spinning.”

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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