Joe Scarborough: Josh Hawley is Responsible for ‘Cops Being Murdered’ and Should Be ‘Kicked Out’ of the Senate


Joe Scarborough is not impressed by Senator Josh Hawley.

In a Tuesday morning five-plus-minute harangue, the Morning Joe host ridiculed what he feels to be Hawley’s deeply cynical ploy of claiming that the right is being censored, an argument the Missouri senator made in a column published on the front page of Sunday’s New York Post.

Yeah, getting a column published in a newspaper with such impressive circulation is a curious place to claim censorship, particularly one that gets the rare front-page promotion. Hawley argued that conservative voices are being silenced and referenced the de-platforming of social media company Parler  — after death threats and calls for violence went unmoderated — as evidence. He also suggested Simon & Schuster’s decision not to publish his own book was a violation of his First Amendment rights.

Co-host Willie Geist noted, in the same segment, that the Stanford and Yale-educated Hawley is not stupid; he is just deeply cynical in trying to rouse the rabble eager for evidence to support the aggrievement they feel after consuming so much conservative media, which suggests they are the victim of technology, media and whatever else is in the news of the day.

But Hawley’s alleged cynicism is the most charitable description of the Missouri Senator. In the clip above, viewers will see the following insulting assessments in the eyes of Scarborough:

“He has to be the dumbest guy in the United States Senate.”

“He’s a seditionist. He led an insurrection. He’s responsible for cops being murdered.”

“The people that raised him. People that taught him. They’re ashamed of him.’

“He has the bone structure of a bird.”

“He should be kicked out of the United States Senate.”

Regular viewers of Morning Joe are likely delighted by Scarborough’s harsh ridicule of the Missouri Senator, but there is probably someone else who’s thrilled by this over-the-top diatribe: Senator Josh Hawley, who will almost certainly use the segment as evidence that the media are out to get him.

As Nick Lowe sang, and so it goes.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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