Joe Scarborough Just Absolutely NAILS the Problem With Donald Trump


The ill-understood rise of real estate mogul and frustrated hand model Donald Trump to presumptive Republican presidential nominee has finally been cracked by the insightful mind of Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough, who has figured out what will finally do Trump in. On Tuesday morning, co-host Mika Brzezinski read the absent Scarborough’s latest op-ed in the appropriately hushed tones for such a piercing and momentous revelation. Here’s Brzezinski’s spoken-word performance of Charles Joseph Scarborough’s “The art of the deal that could doom Donald Trump”:

On page one of a book written almost 30 years ago, Trump tells the reader, “Many people are surprised by the way I work. I play it very loose. I don’t carry a briefcase. I try not to schedule too many meetings. I leave my door open. You can’t be imaginative if you have too much structure. I prefer to come to work every morning and just see what develops.”

“Just see what develops.”

That’s the same approach Candidate Trump has been using from the day he descended the escalator at Trump Towers to the moment he vanquished the last of his 16 opponents. If that devil-take-care strategy is carried into the general election against Hillary Clinton, maybe Trump will once again prove the world wrong. But it is far more likely that simply showing up and seeing what develops next will lose him the White House and destroy the Republican Party in the process.

Buy a briefcase, Donald.

“Buy a briefcase, Donald.”

Wow, and here, I thought it was Donald Trump’s bigotry running into a general electorate that doesn’t consist entirely of resentful white Fox News viewers and a rival who isn’t as big a disaster as he is but without the charm, and a crew of human adults to make the obvious contrasts between a real plan for the country and a series of bumper stickers peeled from the backs of pickup trucks at tractor pulls. No, it’s the briefcase! This advice is akin to telling Hannibal Lecter he’d be just fine of only he’d learn how to use a napkin.

When Donald Trump is finally defeated, I want everyone to remember that on day one of his campaign, this guy said that Mexican immigrants are rapists, and that wasn’t a deal-breaker for Joe Scarborough, or anyone in the Republican Party, or nearly anyone else in the media. Buy a briefcase? Sure, but make it a big one, and fill it with their shame.

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