Joe Scarborough: Kavanaugh Offered No ‘Olive Branch’ Because of ‘Graceless, Tacky Trump Era’

Following an extremely contentious and politically divisive confirmation process, Brett Kavanaugh is now a Supreme Court Justice. The outrage on both sides of the process has confused many cable news pundits, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough is but just one.

This morning he admitted that it was still difficult to “figure out which Brett Kavanaugh to believe,” pointing out the lack of an olive branch offered by the man — and administration that appointed him — since the man will serve on the Supreme Court for life.

“Do you believe the one in 2018 that sounded like the right wing’s version of Hillary Clinton when she talked about right-wing conspiracy, but this time it was Brett Kavanaugh talking about a left-wing conspiracy?” Scarborough wondered.

“What about last night when Brett Kavanaugh decided to call out every single Republican senator that was responsible for him getting through the process, getting through the Judiciary Committee?”

He then noted the lack of a transcendent “olive branch” offering and explaining the Trump era in which the nation finds itself:

“This is a graceless, tacky, Trump era that Republicans believe, like Lindsey Graham, that the way that you win is by being graceless, by showing absolutely no class, by refusing to turn the other cheek and to ram victories down your opponents’ throats. And we will see in less than a month whether voters will reward them for that.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.

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