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Joe Scarborough Lauds Brian Kilmeade and Pat Robertson for Calling Out Trump’s Syria Pullout

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough offered rare praise for some traditional ideological foes Tuesday morning when he noted out Fox News’s morning show co-host Brian Kilmeade and televangelist Pat Robertson were brave enough to criticize President Donald Trump’s unilateral decision to remove U.S. military aid in support of Kurdish fighters in Northern Syria.

Trump’s seemingly sudden decision announced Sunday night has been received with what is an increasingly rare bipartisan reaction for a foreign policy that critics see as only benefitting Turkey, Russia, Syria, Iran and ISIS camps that have been held in check by the U.S. backed Kurds that will now be without critical military aid.

Scarborough noted numerous business conflicts at play here, noting Trump hotel properties in Istanbul, and alleging that President Trump “makes decisions that … Americans understand are not in our best interest.” He then listed examples of even the biggest Trump supporters coming out to criticize this decision.

“Whether you’re on Fox News, Fox & Friends, or whether you’re on the 700 club’s Pat Robertson, or whether you’re a guy that goes golfing with Donald Trump and you’ve completely forsaken everything that you believed in with John McCain with constitutional norms, Lindsey Graham, all of these people understand none of this is in America’s best interest,” Scarborough lamented.

“It always comes back to the bottom line for Donald Trump,” Scarborough noted, adding “and now I think that’s why 49% of Americans want him removed from office.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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