Scarborough Laughs Uncontrollably at Trump Campaign Ad Targeting Suburban Women: ‘Hey Little Ladies, I’m Gonna Keep Black People from Moving In’


Joe Scarborough got a genuinely good laugh at a new Trump Campaign ad recently released that clearly targets the crucial suburban women vote that President Donald Trump sorely needs to win reelection.

The new spot features a mask-wearing woman considering her options while voting, thinking aloud about her options. The policies presented for former Vice President Joe Biden are, predictably, not that ideal for this particular voter. “What about the Democrats?” she thinks aloud. “Repeal the tax cuts that will cost me over $1,000. I can’t afford that. Higher taxes on employers, but my husband is looking for work.”

The producers of Morning Joe ran the ad for hosts and viewers alike twice, to make sure everyone was clear on the “my husband is looking for work” line, which directly echos comments made by President Trump on the campaign trail.

Scarborough reacted with a rather serious mien, but as the messaging’s absurdity hit him, he burst out in genuine laughter that one rarely sees on morning television. “Wow,” he opened before addressing contributor Kasie Hunt. “My husband’s looking for work. It fits — it fits actually — from 1953!”

“It fits right into Donald Trump going, ‘hey, little ladies I’m going to keep your neighborhood free of black people coming in,'” Scarborough said in a mocking voice that evoked Bufford T. Justice.

“I mean, it is so insulting to suburban voters, so here we have the Republican party trying to reach out to women,” the Morning Joe host continued. “Educated women in the suburbs who probably, I’m thinking, probably have a job.”

“But they’re talking about their husband’s work, and again, we’re not overstating this so much. It just shows that, again, that their mindset is not from another election year. It’s from like another era.”

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