Joe Scarborough: ‘Mitt Romney Is A Great Man, He’s Just Not A Good Politician’

On Friday’s Morning Joe, during a discussion about Newt Gingrich‘s dwindling prospects, the panel worked their way to Mitt Romney, and how– while he may be a great man, with an ability to fix problems — he happens to be terrible at politics.

Host Joe Scarborough wondered why Gingrich would drop out of the race, “especially when you’re dealing with somebody like Mitt Romney,” who, Scarborough noted, is still haunted by op-eds that he wrote in support of individual mandates.

Scarborough later added that, “Mitt doesn’t really believe in anything; he’s not a man of ideas,” clarifying that Romney, “doesn’t have this underlying philosophy.” The panel shared an anecdote about Romney taking over as governor of Massachusetts, and asking what needed to be fixed, as opposed to running on fixing specific things. Scarborough declared that Gingrich doesn’t respect Romney, in spite of people who have worked with Romney universally liking the man. “You do not hear people that worked for him say ‘Oh, he’s a jerk.’

“I have no doubt in mind that Mitt Romney is a great man,” Scarborough concluded, “He’s just not a good politician.”

Watch a clip of the discussion below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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