Joe Scarborough Mocks ‘State-Run TV’ After Trump Cites Fox & Friends‘s Criticism of Obama

Joe Scarborough ridiculed Fox & Friends after President Donald Trump quoted pro-Trump commentary he had just watched on Morning Joe’s cable news morning show competitor.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, Trump quoted Fox News co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt who predictably defended him after former President Barack Obama condemned the rhetoric of leaders which “normalizes racist sentiments.”

Trump tweeted:

Scarborough dinged Fox & Friends, noting Trump’s “retweeting comments from supporters at places that many call state-run TV,” before defending Obama from what he saw as an unfair comparison in the context of mass shootings and gun reform.

“What Donald Trump and his supporter that tweeted this on state-run television did not say,” Scarborough noted, “is that during Barack Obama’s two terms, he was trying desperately to pass measures like extended background checks that 90, 95% of Americans support.”

“He was trying to work with Democrats and Republicans and Congress to pass other meaningful gun safety laws and every time it was Mitch McConnell who stopped him dead in his tracks, even though 90, 95% of Americans wanted what President Obama was pushing for,” he continued, before hitting Senate Majority Leader at the time Senator Mitch McConnell, who he blamed for killing those efforts.

“Now it’s Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump that are killing the legislation today,” he resolved.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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