Joe Scarborough On GOP Message: ‘Throwing A Lot Of Garbage At The Wall’ Is Not Good For Mitt Romney

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, the panel took a look at a new NBC / Wall Street Journal poll revealing that, when it comes to a general election match-up, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are statistically tied within the poll’s margin of error. The poll also reflects that voters feel the country is “on the wrong track” and that most aren’t quite sure how they feel about Romney’s business experience.

Chuck Todd weighed in, sharing that he’d argue Super PACs may very well end up having a negative impact for Republicans given that they’re not putting forth an organized and consistent message.

Host Joe Scarborough shared his own experience with muddled messaging, recalling that a third party group was putting out ads focusing on social issues while he was trying to run on the economy, and they ended up hurting much more than helping.

Todd then pointed out that, even though George W. Bush had been outspent by Democrats, he was able to deliver a much clearer message than rival candidate John Kerry, and ultimately ended up winning.

Have a look at the discussion, via MSNBC:

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