Joe Scarborough on Trump’s First London Press Event: ‘Acted Like a Clown on the International Stage’


Joe Scarborough criticized President Donald Trump for his first press conference at the start of the NATO Summit starting Tuesday morning in London, England, saying that the commander in chief “acted like a clown on the international stage.”

After airing two clips at the start of Morning Joe — one in which Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to discuss impeachment while in Spain, followed by Trump blasting Democrats over the ongoing impeachment proceedings — co-host Mika Brzezinksi noted how the Speaker abided by the “water’s edge” principle of not discussing domestic politics while on foreign land and Trump’s flouting that accepted standard.

Scarborough followed with “we can’t let that go” before calling Trump a clown and following with specifics to support his criticism.

“This is the same president who used the crosses of Normandy to attack Nancy Pelosi, to attack his domestic political rivals,” Scarborough noted, adding “This is the same president who used congressionally approved foreign aid, military aid to a democratic country invaded by Vladimir Putin once again to try to impact domestic politics.”

“You now everybody across the world is snickering when the president said, we had legal scholars looking at these transcripts — not transcripts — and they said it’s perfect,” Scarborough turned to Trump’s defense of his phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenksy at the center of the impeachment inquiry. “What were the names of those legal scholars? I would love to know. And I would love to know where these legal scholars who said those calls were absolutely perfect are employed this morning.”

“This guy, everybody in the world knows he’s lying and he’s representing us on the world stage this morning. Great job.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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