Joe Scarborough Praises Mike Bloomberg: ‘A Guy That Knows How to Punch Trump in the Face’


As Michael Bloomberg continues to face outrage for his unearthed comments about stop and frisk, Joe Scarborough praised the former New York City mayor as “a guy that knows how to punch” President Donald Trump “in the face.”

Morning Joe held a conversation on Wednesday about how former Vice President Joe Biden seems to be fading in light of the results that came out of the New Hampshire primary. As Eddie Glaude noted the public interest in Bloomberg despite his resurfaced remarks, Scarborough said “it ain’t about ideology. It’s about who people think are going to lead them into the future the strongest, take care of them, take care of their families, take care of the country.”

“You know, right now for a lot of Democrats, it doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, just like Trump didn’t make sense to a lot of people for Republicans,” Scarborough said. “But right now, it looks like Mike Bloomberg. There’s a guy that knows how to punch Trump in the face and he drives him crazy.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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