Joe Scarborough Ridicules Trump With Polling That Shows Voters Blaming Him for Shutdown

On Friday, Joe Scarborough mocked Donald Trump by looking at poll numbers and remarking on how unpopular the president’s position is as the government shutdown continues.

As Trump continues to wage war with Congressional Democrats, Scarborough started things off by noting how many times Trump has flip-flopped in the last few days with his rhetoric on the shutdown. Since Trump previously said that he would accept responsibility for the shutdown, Scarborough pulled out a Reuters poll showing that 47% of America does blame the president for the situation, 33% blame Democrats, and 7% blame Republicans.

The segment went on with a review of other polls showing only 25% of the country approves of shutting down the government because of the wall, and only 35% approve of congressional wall funding. Statistics also indicate that support for the wall decreases if it is constructed without any money that comes from Mexico, and most people in the country have a positive opinion of immigration.

“Not only is immigration more popular today than it was the day that Donald Trump took office,” Scarborough crooned, “Obamacare is in its glory days. Forget about making America great again. America is already great. Donald Trump is making Obamacare great again and making it more popular than ever.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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