Joe Scarborough Rips AG Barr Over Mueller’s Letter: ‘He Misled and Lied to the American People’

Joe Scarborough claimed that there’s no doubt that Attorney General William Barr tried to deceive America with his summary of Robert Mueller‘s report Wednesday morning.

Morning Joe held a discussion on Wednesday over the new report saying Mueller wrote Barr a letter in order to criticize the AG for inadequately describing his investigative findings on President Donald Trump. Scarborough reacted to the news by calling Barr’s letter a “desperate attempt” to shield Trump from negative coverage about his multiple efforts to obstruct justice.

As Willie Geist outlined how Barr’s report contradicts Mueller’s report, Mika Brzezinski determined that “something is up with him.”

That’s when Scarborough went all in:

“He misled deliberately. He misled and lied to the American people. He misled and lied to the American people not just in the letter, but [also] in his press conference the next morning, then in his testimony before the House of Representatives, then in his testimony in front of the United States Senate.”

Scarborough concluded by saying “Fake news, Trumpists. Wasn’t the media that misled America.” He also figured that Barr’s summary is about to blow up in his face when it seemed at first like a gift to Trump.

Watch above, via MSNBC

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