Joe Scarborough: Romney Decided Long Ago To Avoid Help From ‘Giants In Foreign Policy’

On Tuesday, the Morning Joe panel turned its attention to the previous night’s final presidential debate, which focused on foreign policy.

Host Joe Scarborough shared that, as he saw it, it appeared as if Obama, “the reigning champ,” turned every question around and used them as opportunities to attack Romney. “He felt like he couldn’t just answer the question,” said Scarborough of Obama. “He had to attack his rival.” Scarborough found it all to be “unpresidential,” pointing out that “most presidents” like to appear as if they are above the fray.

Later in the segment, Scarborough pointed out that Romney long ago decided to be his own “guy” on foreign policy, eschewing the help of “the giants in foreign policy.”

Interestingly, this exists in direct contrast with a comment panelist John Heilemann made just last week: that Romney surrounds himself with “pro-interventionist” Republicans in “the neocon camp.”

Watch, courtesy of MSNBC:

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