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Joe Scarborough: ‘Romney Is Not Going To Win Wisconsin, Even With Paul Ryan’

Will the addition of the Badger State’s native son, Paul Ryan, to his ticket win Wisconsin for Mitt Romney? Joe Scarborough thinks not.

According to a recent poll, the selection of Ryan has helped Romney close the gap with Obama, placing him at 45 percent versus the President’s 49. As Mika Brzezinski pointed out, a Republican has not won the state since Ronald Reagan in 1984.

Scarborough added his two cents on the matter, telling the panel that, while he likes Ryan, “the only thing he does, as far as Wisconsin goes, is he puts it in the Pennsylvania category, which I’ve always called ‘fool’s gold’ for Republicans.”

“Mitt Romney is not going to win Wisconsin,” he continued. “Even with Paul Ryan.”

It’s a more “gettable” state than, say, Michigan, Scarborough conceded… if you’re someone who has personality other than Romney’s.

Panelist Brian Sullivan brought up the interesting point that Ryan happens to be from Janesville, Wisconsin — home to a quiet GM assembly plant. Ryan was also for the auto bailout, which might help Romney with pro-labor, socially conservative voters in the state.

Who does Scarborough think might have been more helpful for Romney? None other than New Jersey’s Chris Christie.

Have a look, courtesy of MSNBC:

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