Joe Scarborough: Fox News’ Chris Wallace Loathes Mitt Romney

On Thursday’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough warned Mitt Romney that he was heading into the lion’s den when he sits down for an interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday December 18. “Chris Wallace has never made a secret of the fact that he loathes Mitt Romney — has never liked him,” Scarborough revealed. “Anybody that knows Chris Wallace at Fox has said the same thing. Chris Wallace, of course, will deny it, and then throw an insult around because that’s what he’s done in the past.”

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Wallace mentioned in late October that Romney had not sat down with him for an interview in months.

“We have now interviewed all the major Republican candidates in our 2012 ‘One on One’ series — except Mitt Romney,” Wallace noted, guilt-tripping the former Massachusetts Governor.

The interview will be Romney’s first Sunday talk show interview since March of 2010, The New York Times notes.

Watch Scarborough’s foreboding advice for Romney below via MSNBC:

(h/t HuffPo via Politico)

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