comScore Joe Scarborough Screams at Thom Tillis: How Weak Are You?!

Joe Scarborough Screams at GOP Congress over Trump Border Wall Plan: ‘How Weak Are You!?’

Joe Scarborough continues to be aghast at the weak and callow behavior of Republican members of Congress, who in his esteem, have continually rolled over to enable President Donald Trump’s unique form of legislative leadership.

The most recent example of political pique? Trump’s plan to move money around the Federal budget to underwrite the controversial border wall that Trump used so effectively to rally the very base of support that led to his election. Though it’s worth noting that Trump repeatedly claimed in his run to the White House that Mexico would pay for the wall. Shockingly, that has not proven to be true.

Thursday morning’s set of Morning Joe featured a segment based on significant amounts of money to be moved from various states and Congressional districts from Republican Senators and members of Congress, who under the Trump administration’s recent plan to fund the border wall, will lose million’s of dollars.

And poor Rep. Thom Tillis, a Republican Congressman from North Carolina. His district is not only set to lose $80 Million from this plan, but he also became the focus of Scarborough’s very public derision, which culminated in his screaming to camera “how weak are you?!”

All the while Mika Brzezinksi checked her iPhone.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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