Joe Scarborough Shouts Out Brian Kilmeade’s Criticism of Trump’s Syria Pullout: ‘We’re Cutting and Running’


On Thursday, Morning Joe discussed Donald Trump‘s Syrian withdrawal announcement by taking note of how many of his allies disagree with the decision.

As the president claims ISIS has been defeated and defends pulling American forces out of the region, a number of Trump’s fellow conservatives have warned that this a huge mistake with dire long term consequences. Even though Fox & Friends is typically one of Trump’s favorite cable news shows, he might not be happy with how Brian Kilmeade used a portion of today’s program to condemn the move “stunning and irresponsible.”

As Joe Scarborough compared the Syria withdrawal to Barack Obama‘s criticized decision to pull troops out of Iraq in 2011, he found it interesting that Kilmeade is among those criticizing Trump.

“Even Donald Trump’s own administration is saying today they are concerned by his decision, saying eight days ago – what Kilmeade is saying there – the job’s not over, we’re cutting and running. How do you as President of the United States ignore your Secretary of Defense and just about everybody else on the foreign policy landscape that matters, and then in return, you help Vladimir Putin, you help ISIS regain their foot hold there, and my God, you help Iran?”

As Scarborough said Kilmeade was “exactly right” to say “we could not help our enemies any more than Donald Trump did,” the conversation turned towards other Trump allows being vocal in their dissent recently.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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