Joe Scarborough: Steve Bannon Should Send Flowers to ‘Judd Apatow and Hollywood Types’


An odd controversy sprung up yesterday surrounding Steven Bannon’s invitation — then disinvitation — to participate in the New Yorker Festival this month. Editor in Chief David Remnick found himself in a tough spot when numerous other invitees publicly announced that they would no longer be participating in the cultural event. This latest battle in the culture wars provides perfect fodder for televised political entertainment known as cable news, and Morning Joe was no exception this morning.

Who better to give insight into this latest dust-up? Well, let’s go to the former Republican Congressmen from Florida (turned East Coast media elite) Joe Scarborough. In his esteem, Bannon (the noted nationalist and former Chief Strategist of the Trump Administration) could not have received a better gift over Labor Day weekend than to have been villainized and boycotted by fellow New Yorker festival invitees.

But Scarborough and his fellow Morning Joe panelists didn’t blame Remnick for the controversy, instead pointing their fingers of blame on “Judd Apatow and Hollywood types that said they would not show up on the stage with him.” He then claimed that this is aa “recurring problem that liberals have. “Whether on college campuses or now late-night TV, certainly in most of American popular culture, they don’t get their basic views challenged.”

Co-host Willie Geist went on to agree to suggest that Remnick’s holding Bannon’s feet to the fire would have not just been compelling to watch, but an important discourse that our divided nation is sorely missing.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.


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