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Joe Scarborough: Tea Party House Members Are ‘Most Rational Thinkers In This Process’

As The New York Times and prominent Democrats fear that President Obama is losing much ground in the ongoing debt negotiations, the Morning Joe crew discussed whether or not Obama is now essentially invisible during one of the most critical moments of his presidency? Joe Scarborough was impressed with the negotiation tactics of the Tea Party freshmen, yet Mika Brzezinski had a one word response that summed up her shock and disbelief with Scarborough’s argument: “really?”

Scarborough elaborated:

I would suggest that the Tea Party members and the freshmen Republicans have been the most rational thinkers in this process. If you look for results – politically, I’m just saying politically . . . they know they’re going up against somebody [Obama] who will back down.

According to Scarborough, former President Bill Clinton took him and his Republican colleagues in the 1990’s to the wall and crushed the Republican revolution. Yet since the Tea Party knows Obama will compromise in the end, they are leveraging that for all it’s worth.

Mike Barnicle didn’t disagree with Obama’s failings, concluding Obama needs to learn from Clinton and be ready to “confront people and fight.” Yet Brzezinski, visibly disappointed with the whole state of affairs warned, “if [the Tea Party gets] everything they want, which they might, and we have a society that’s bubbling over in a year or two, it will be all theirs.”

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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