Joe Scarborough: The Press Favored Obama By A Longshot Over Hillary

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough agreed with Former President Bill Clinton‘s assertion on The O’Reilly Factor that the press favored Barack Obama, saying the “press favored Barack Obama by a long shot over Hillary Clinton.”

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“(Hillary) was shredded,” said Newsweek editor Tina Brown “And withstood it with great aplomb. Really, I think a lot of it was about the press wanted a new narrative and in the end, Obama’s story of the first black president, you know, trumped the exceptionalism of her being the first woman president. It was bad luck for her that happened, but it was also a much more fun idea to have this new narrative to write about. Everyone was board with the Clintons. They didn’t want to have another Clinton story.”

“She didn’t embrace that narrative, they made her the establishment candidate.” New York magazine’s John Heilemann disputed.

“Go back to 2007 and watch people drooling over themselves on networks,” Scarborough countered.

“I totally agree, the press was in the tank for Obama,” Heilemann conceded, but noted that Clinton’s handlers kept her in a “safe box” during the campaign.

Watch Scarborough needle the press over their bias towards Barack Obama via MSNBC:

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