Joe Scarborough Triples Down on ‘Glib’ Epstein Suicide Remarks: ‘ What We See in Mob Cases’


Joe Scarborough still seems to have zero regrets for the cavalier insinuations he made about Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death over the weekend.

After Epstein was found in his jail cell after what was described as an apparent suicide, Scarborough reacted to the suspicious circumstances of the financier’s death by suggesting the Russians (and possibly President Donald Trump) might’ve had something to do with this. The MSNBC host was accused of advancing conspiracy theories by making those remarks without any evidence, but Scarborough shrugged off those criticisms by saying he was making a “glib, offhanded comment” at the time.

On Monday’s Morning Joe, Scarborough repeated himself by acknowledging how he “glibly” spoke of Epstein’s death.

“This is what we see in mob cases…It makes no sense. There’s no way that the Justice Department should have left this man sitting in that jail cell by himself and there is no explanation that the attorney general, there’s no explanation the bureau of prisons with give. There’s no explanation that anyone can give to explain why he was and whether that launches a million conspiracy theories or not, this Attorney general and this president have a lot to answer for.”

Scarborough continued by wondering how the government could’ve allowed Epstein to die when they’ve managed to keep terrorist leader Khalid Sheikh Mohammed alive as long as they have.

“You’re talking about a man who had information on some of the most powerful people in this country over the past quarter-century and you can’t keep him alive?” Scarborough asked. “I mean, the attorney general should have bent over backward given Donald Trump’s own past with Jeffrey Epstein.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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