Joe Scarborough: Trump is ‘Growing Increasingly Disinterested in His Job, Increasingly Angry’


Joe Scarborough shared on Wednesday morning reports that he’s heard and read that President Donald Trump is growing increasingly disinterested in his job, increasingly angry.

According to the Morning Joe host, and is fellow panelist Willie Geist, the president’s sour mood comes from a confluence of events, namely the political loss suffered from last week’s midterm elections, combined with the ongoing investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Because the Democratic party took control, there is a belief that the House of Representatives will soon act as a much more aggressive check and balance on the Executive Branch by going so far as to subpoena Trump’s tax returns. The ostensible reason for that action is to determine if he has made policy decisions that have led to personal financial benefit instead of benefiting the nation’s best interest.

And now that the midterms have passed, the Mueller investigation report is looming. On Monday evening it was reported that President Trump sat with his attorneys to provide written answers to questions presented by the office of Special Counsel.

Later in the program, Washington Post’s Phillip Rucker suggested that  Trump’s brooding and sulky behavior is a result of a lack of close friends.  “There are not particularly sort of close loyal friends that he feels he can confide in with any regularity at a deep emotional level,” he shared.

Yeah, so tough times for Trump. One can understand why he might be cranky.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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