Joe Scarborough: Trump Reminds Me of Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers Movies


Watching President Donald Trump traipse around the stage of his Thursday night rally in Cinncinatti, Joe Scarborough was reminded of the Mike Myers’ character Fat Bastard from the second Austin Powers movie. At least that’s what the Morning Joe host told viewers on Friday morning who likely tuned in for such predictable and low-hanging commentary.

Scarborough noted how Trump was “sort of walking across the stage, sniffing, you know how he does. breathing it all in. Willie, he sort of — he had this thing down that he’s actually amping up his on-stage performances.”

“He reminded me at times of the Fat Bastard, it’s a character. It’s a character in ‘Austin Powers’. And he’s sniffing and looking around, he’s saying, ‘Thank you, thank you.’ I thought he was going to say ‘Get into my stomach’ at one point,” the Morning Joe clarified.

He then added “He’s just really starting to take on this role of Dear Leader. And you can see it last night more than usual. He’s amping it up. He’s amping his audiences up, amping up his racial attacks and the demagoguery.”

Watch above via MSNBC

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