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Joe Scarborough Warns to Not Take the Bait: Trump Using ‘Chinese Virus’ as Distraction from Lack of Tests and Ventilators

Joe Scarborough warned “liberals and progressives and the media” Thursday morning to not take the bait over the term “Chinese Virus.”

Over the past week, President Donald Trump has started defiantly calling the coronavirus the “Chinese Virus,” which has resulted in predictable outrage that the term was xenophobic, if not racist.

The idea that the commander in chief would label this global pandemic in a manner that laid blame on a country, and potentially provokes a nation that produces so many important pharmaceuticals is not only irresponsible and petty, but also potentially dangerous.

Scarborough opened his quick harangue by saying “Let me give liberals and Progressives and people in the media a tip here. He’s poking at you. He wants you to become outraged.”

He continued by noting that Trump wants people to talk about this term instead of “talking about tests, you’ll talk about that instead of talking about ventilators”

“It’s called a rabbit trail. Yes, it is offensive but, again, we can talk about this in November when the election is in full force. This is all a distraction.”

Trump and his allies simply point out that the epicenter of COVID-19 is the Wuhan province of China, and like so many other diseases before, it’s simply a regional name. Trump has also suggested that the term “Chinese Virus” is a response to alleged Chinese propaganda that the dangerous contagion came from U.S. military efforts, though there is zero proof to give that specious claim any credibility.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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