Joe Scarborough: We Have Two Candidates Running ‘Soulless,’ Technical Campaigns

Thursday’s Morning Joe saw the panel lamenting the lack of “heart and soul” in today’s presidential campaigns.

Panelist Mike Barnicle felt that we’re living in a time when, because of the way both sides are managing campaigns, “too many people can no longer afford to dream, and that’s a huge hole in the American fabric.”

At what point did we wake up, host Joe Scarborough wondered, to find America leaderless? Where, he asked, are the Roosevelts? Where are the Reagans, the Lincolns? Barnicle then wondered whether any current candidate would be willing to risk re-election for a single issue.

Former RNC chairman Michael Steele believed this all started with the polarization of Americans into red and blue states during the 2000 election.

Everything now seems so completely focus-tested and soulless, Scarborough agreed, rendering both Obama and Romney’s presidential campaigns very technical, mundane, and vague, without either man coming forward with specific plans or impassioned rhetoric.

Watch, courtesy of MSNBC:

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