Joe Scarborough: ‘Who Is Advising Rick Perry To Run A West Texas Campaign In A National Election?’

On Thursday’s edition of Morning Joe, in a discussion with Mark Halperin on who performed strongest in last night’s debate, Joe Scarborough questioned Rick Perry‘s strategists’ decision to run what he deemed a “West Texas Campaign”.

“They seem to be running a race that would do fairly well in the panhandle of Texas,” Scarborough argued. “But not on a national stage, not even in a Republican primary, not even in a Republican primary where the Tea Party has a disproportionate impact.”

“Not only is this not going to help you win swing states in the general election,” Scarborough added. “This is going to beat you in a Republican primary.”

Halperin responded that Perry had strong national advisors which allowed for him to get into the race so late and surmised that had he been running against a stronger front runner, his comments on Social Security and Ben Bernanke would be disqualifying. “He’s lucky there’s another debate right around the corner, he can clean these things up. But he’s never going to change. He’s always going to be West Texas.”

Halperin noted that in his successful 2000 Presidential run, George W. Bush tried to play the Texas part down, and focused primarily on his record. “Perry will never do that,” Halperin said. “He’s pure Texas.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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