Joe Scarborough YELLS at ‘Sick’ Republicans He Blames for School Shootings: They Are the ‘Enemy of the Rule of Law’


Joe Scarborough ripped into Republicans and the gun lobby, blaming their complacency for America’s increasing frequency of mass shootings.

Scarborough delivered his rant on Wednesday as Morning Joe discussed the Nashville Police Department’s release of bodycam footage from the officers who neutralized the Covenant Church School shooter. This led to Scarborough discussing the proliferation of guns in America. He warned that future historians would judge the country for allowing so many people to own guns meant for war zones and battlefields.

That’s where we are as a society, and it is sick. And I swear to god, some time, we’re going to get past this, I know we are, and people are going to look back at us and they’re going to go what the hell were they thinking? Why did they sacrifice a generation of children to fear and nightmares and death and destruction?

That will be asked of us. What the hell were they thinking? At some point, we’re going to get past this. But we’re in the middle of it now, and it’s all about money. Freak people out, make them paranoid, make them think they need weapons of war, and we, the gun manufacturers make tons of money.

Jonathan Lemire followed up by noting the trend that every time the country sees a mass shooting, “gun sales go up in the immediate aftermath because there’s this fear the government is going to take your guns, fears stoked by the NRA, therefore people want to arm themselves after shootings like this.” This led to Lemire praising the Nashville cops for taking out the shooter as efficiently as they did despite how heavily armed she was.

Scarborough hopped back in shortly after, and he yelled at Republicans who argue against gun control by fuelling fears about the public being disarmed.

[In Uvalde] you had one 18-year-old mentally deranged guy that had more firepower inside of an elementary school than 300 scared cops outside. Don’t even start with me on somehow the great masses having no firepower!

We now live in a society in 2023 because of Republicans, because of the NRA, because of the gun manufacturers who make millions and billions of dollars. We now live in a society where the cops are afraid of the convicts! Where former presidents make martyrs out of convicts who storm the United States Capitol! These Republicans are the enemy of the rule of law. Everywhere we look, they’re so worried about drag shows, whatever they do. All of the stupidity…But they’re perfectly fine with AR-15s all over the frigging world! They’re sick.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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