Joe Scarborough’s Scathing Rebuke: ‘Donald Trump is On Track to Be the Worst President of All Time’

Joe Scarborough opened the Boxing Day episode of Morning Joe with one of his signature long-form monologues that assessed the current chaos surrounding the presidency of Donald Trump. The ten-minute essay systematically and dispassionately outlined what Scarborough sees as recent administrative, economic, legal and foreign policy issues that have embroiled the White House in the last two weeks of a troubled 2018.

A self-satisfied Scarborough claimed to “take no pleasure” in outlining the embattled White House but asked viewers to adjudge Trump’s accomplishments by his own campaign rhetoric.

“I don’t judge the president by my standards, You don’t have to judge him by your standards,” adding “This morning, just judge him by his own standards.”

Scarborough eventually reminded viewers of how he left the Republican Party “less over Donald Trump than I did over the fact that almost every elected official in the GOP has bowed and scraped to Donald Trump.”

He then claimed that Trump’s “skills are objectively declining on a daily basis,” and criticized the GOP for “treating this man like he was an emperor wearing the finest clothes ever made when, in fact, effectively, Donald Trump is on track to be the worst president of all times.”

Watch the segment above courtesy of MSNBC.

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