‘Joe The Plumber’ Accuses Lawrence O’Donnell Of Engaging In ‘Fear Mongering’

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell invited congressional nominee Joe the Plumber (né Samuel Wurzelbacher) onto his show Thursday, where he tore into him for his support of Herman Cain’s famed “9-9-9” tax plan — a plan, O’Donnell said, that would actually see some of Joe’s constituents experience a hefty tax increase.

When asked if he would abandon the plan, Wurzelbacker told O’Donnell it sounded like he was engaging in “a little bit of fear mongering.”

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“We cannot raise taxes, Mr. O’Donnell,” Joe said, “because, quite frankly, that’d just get the federal government more latitude to be more intrusive in the private market. We gotta make a stand and we gotta make a stand now, other the federal government is gonna run all over the American people.”

Later, Joe the Plumber said that politicians’ promises aren’t worth shit in what was probably the classiest way possible. And he’s running, he said, exactly because he’s not like those politicians. “Look at my hands, Mr. O’Donnell,” he said. “These are callused hands because I work for a living.”

Watch, via MSNBC:

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