Joe Walsh Claims Trump Will Use Sean Hannity to Start a Trump News Network if He Loses in 2020


Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh argued that President Donald Trump will try to get Fox News’ Sean Hannity to help him start his own news network if he loses in 2020.

“I think he’s going to lose 2020 in the primary or the general,” Walsh told CNN. “But he’s not going to go away. He’ll cause trouble, he doesn’t care about the Republican Party.”

“He’ll grab Sean Hannity by whatever body part you want to grab Sean Hannity by, they’ll start their own network and he’ll grab his voters. That’s why I think a lot of my colleagues are really mistaken in thinking they can wait for the storm to go,” he continued.

Trump himself has frequently floated the idea of starting a network that is pro-Trump.

Walsh, a conservative radio host and former Congressman, was speaking with anchor Brooke Baldwin on CNN Newsroom Monday.

Baldwin also asked him why other Republicans aren’t working to counter Trump given a new Fox Poll stated around half the country favors impeachment.

“They’re afraid and they think Trump will be gone in a year. … Here’s the deep dark secret: A lot of my former Republican colleagues want him to lose in 2020–they want Trump gone, they want the stench and the problem that Trump is gone. And they’ve made a bet that he’s going to be gone in a year or so,” Walsh said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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