Joe Walsh: Mick Mulvaney Becoming Poster Child for Republicans Who ‘Sold Their Soul’ to Trump

Joe Walsh — one of the Republicans attempting a long-shot bid to challenge President Donald Trump in the GOP primary — lamented how Mick Mulvaney has become another “poster child” for Republicans selling their soul to POTUS.

Walsh emphasized that Republicans do not like or respect Trump, so if things ultimately turn on him, “Republicans in the Senate will abandon him in a heartbeat.”

He even predicted that Republicans in the House and Senate would, respectively, vote to impeach and remove Trump — if it were a private vote. Since the vote isn’t private, the Senate would not at all remove him, Walsh added.

Brianna Keilar asked Walsh about Mick Mulvaney, given last week’s press conference and his subsequent scramble to walk back the things he said to reporters.

“It’s so disappointing, I served with Mick, I got elected with Mick,” Walsh said, “but he is yet one more poster child for one of these Republicans who has sold their soul to Donald Trump. He’s no different… than my Freedom Caucus colleagues in the House who now pledge defense, fealty to Donald Trump instead of the Constitution. All of these conservatives and Republicans like Mick Mulvaney, who have sold their soul to Trump, it’s actually disappointing to me than Trump himself. It’s just sad.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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