Joementum: Morning Joe Ran a Big Ol’ Joe Scarborough Campaign Ad This Morning

Morning Joe Ran a Big Ol' Joe Scarborough Campaign Ad This Morning

Morning Joe host and former congressman Joe Scarborough has been “hinting” at a 2016 run around the release of his new book for weeks now, but he took it up a notch Monday morning when his semi-titular show ran what was essentially a campaign ad during its 7:00 am hour, featuring Scarborough whispering sweet Reagan nothings over some indie-fauxgrass at a New Hampshire book tour stop this weekend:

The spot comes just days after the Northeast Republican Leadership Conference announced it would include Scarborough’s name on its upcoming presidential survey. As Alex Pareene put it the other day:

“He is, hopefully, just indulging the 2016 speculation to promote his book. But if he does even slightly well in this poll — and Northeast Republican Leaders are probably the closest thing to Scarborough’s “crowd” in the modern GOP, so it’s not impossible — there will be a lot of very insufferable words written, by the sort of people who appear or want desperately to appear on “Morning Joe,” about how Scarborough could make a serious run for the presidency.”

At the end of the segment, co-host Mika Brzezinski said she’d pleaded with Scarborough not to run. As we all know, denying you’re running is the first step toward doing so, so we might as well take Brzezinski’s protesting-too-much as a starter gun.

[Clip via MSNBC / Image via screengrab]

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