John Avlon on Trump: ‘Tough To Be Leader of the Free World and King of the Trolls At the Same Time’

John Avlon had a colorful way to describe his pessimism about whether President Trump can handle international complications like a sensible diplomat.

The Daily Beast editor-in-chief and CNN contributor joined New Day on Thursday to discuss the various topics Trump is likely to address during his G20 meetings this week. As New Day noted the political divide between America and China, Avlon mused that Trump has to be a “statesman” despite being “surrounded by bad options at all the hotspots of the world.”

“It’s tough to be leader of the free world and king of the trolls at the same time,” said Avlon. “He’s gonna have to up his game and realize that the reality of what he’s dealing with requires responsibility across the board. That is not his natural mode.”

In terms of trollish behavior, Trump continued his war with CNN today as he took press questions about the ongoing controversy surrounding the meme he tweeted where he body-slammed a stand-in for the network. On the other hand, Trump also gave a speech that highlighted president’s recommitment to NATO’s Article 5, and his acknowledgement of Russia’s destabilizing activities.

So maybe he can be a leader and a troll at the same time?

Watch above, via CNN.

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