John Boehner Dismisses Women’s Health Concerns Over Student Loan Bill As ‘Nonsense’

House Speaker John Boehner continued to hit President Obama for politicizing student loans on CNN’s State of the Union today. The president made it clear that he would veto any student loan bill that attempts to cut from the health care bill, which Boehner dismissed as an election-year ploy. The speaker pointed to previous legislation backed by the president that has made cuts to the very same health care program targeted now.

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Candy Crowley brought up comments by Nancy Pelosi saying that the Democrats will continue to fight for women’s health and the Republicans are trying to cut important cancer screening programs. Boehner reacted with some level of incredulity.

“That is just nonsense. There’s no women’s health issue here… I’ll guarantee you that they’ve not spent a dime out of this fund dealing with anything to do with women’s health. What we’re trying to do here is deal with this problem in a responsible way.”

Crowley countered by asking if the decision by the Republicans to target the health care bill for cuts was also a political ploy.

Watch the video below, courtesy of CNN:

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