John Boehner on 2016: ‘Thank God I’m Not in the Middle of This’

boehnerFormer House Speaker John Boehner is very, very happy that he no longer has to care about politics or what’s happening in Washington.

He spoke out in an interview today and reacted to being out of office by literally saying “Hallelujah.”

Carol Williams asked him if it’s a relief to not have to hold back anymore, citing that time he called Ted Cruz “Lucifer.” He said, “He was Lucifer in the flesh. The most miserable person I ever had to work with.”

Williams asked him about 2016, and this was his verbatim reaction when asked specifically if he wished he was back in the fray:

“Oh my God, no. Really? Every day I’d watch it, it was like ‘Oh, thank God I’m not in the middle of this.'”

Boehner did go on to compare Donald Trump to Teddy Roosevelt. He called them both “larger than life” and expressed some optimism about Trump’s presidency.

Watch above, via WCPO.

[image via screengrab]

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