John Bolton on Obstruction Concerns: ‘Bothered Me Greatly,’ I Spoke to Plenty of People About All This


ABC’s Martha Raddatz offered a tantalizing sneak peak of the questions she raised to former White House national security adviser John Bolton in light of his allegations against President Donald Trump.

Raddatz joined Jon Karl on This Week to talk about Bolton’s claims that he tried to raise the alarm on Trump’s foreign policy missteps and possibly-impeachable conduct. The two also discussed a new preview of Bolton saying saw “evidence” of Trump committing obstruction of justice.

“These were things that I could see some evidence of and they bothered me greatly,” Bolton said to Raddatz. “I talked to the attorney general about them. I talked to the counsel to the president about them. I talked to members of the cabinet about them and relayed my concerns. They were very much on my mind.”

From there, Raddatz explained that Bolton thought Trump’s impeachment was “too politicized and he wouldn’t make a difference” if he testified.

“I pushed back on him several times in the interview this evening about how he would know whether he made a difference or not,” Raddatz said.

Trump’s defenders have ripped Bolton for turning against the president with the claims in his upcoming memoir, but as Raddatz mentioned, Bolton is also facing criticism from those who’ve slammed him for waiting until his book came out before stepping forward. Bolton bashed House Democrats for their “impeachment malpractice” of not conducting further inquiries on Trump, and Trump’s opponents have slammed Bolton for not speaking out while the president was in the midst of the Ukraine scandal.

The full Bolton interview will air tonight on ABC at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Watch above, via ABC.

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